BHS Joins Library 100th Celebration

May 10, 2014 marked Belmar Library’s 100th birthday and Belmar Historical Society Members were there to celebrate.  Members dressed in the style worn in 1914 and played roles of those people key to the Library’s purchase and construction.

Knute Iwaszko acted in the role of Mayor Poll who held office in 1914, guiding the festivities.  James Hohn acted as Mayor Bamford, Head of the Library Committee at the time and former Mayor of Belmar.  Current Belmar Mayor Matthew Doherty acted in the role of Andrew Carnegie, who donated $13000 to construct the library building. Seven women of the BHS  acted in the role of the seven women of the time who raised the funds to purchase the property and submitted the request for Andrew Carnegie to donate the building.

The gentlemen wore top hats and tuxedo jackets from the era. Awards were given for the best Ladies Hat

library art of readersThe Belmar Arts Council created a new logo for the Library, honoring its 100th Birthday.




The following photos of BHS members and supporters of the Library enjoying a day of celebration.


Pat won for best hat IMG_0120IMG_0125

Pat won for best hat