Fundraising Fun for BHS!

BHS volunteers  show their commitment to preserve the history of Belmar by working at the Museum or participating in fundraising events.

During 2014, BHS members were presented with a check for $1000 by Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty at Belmar Borough Hall for the group’s participation in the Belmar Seafood Festival in June. Volunteers sold Festival T-shirts and offered festival visitors an opportunity to take an “Olde Time Photo”.

Pictured from left:  BHS President Naomi Reissner, Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty,  Irene McCann, Belmar Council members Jim Bean and Jennifer Nicolay, BHS members Lucille Maddalena and David Pollack, BHS Secretary Pat O’Keefe, Belmar Council member Brian McGovern, and BHS members Karen Hewlitt, James Hohn, and Spencer Hewlitt.

Membership in the BHS is a great way to get to know your neighbors and history of our town — while we preserve our past to support our future.  For additional examples of the fundraising efforts of the BHS, read more.

BHS volunteers participates in several events each summer such as Popcorn and Movie Night on the Beach sponsored by the Belmar Tourism Commission.   Pictured in the photo are (left to right) Mary Brabazon, Director of Tourism, and BHS members, Pat Melango, Bill Lister, Tom Burke and Pat O’Keefe.
The BHS participates in many Belmar activities such as the Belmar Fall Festival in October,  and will continue to sponsor additional events throughout the year.

2014 was the 350th anniversary of NJ!

2014 marked the 350th anniversary of the founding of New Jersey and BHS volunteers were involved. It was a great opportunity to highlight our state’s rich history and cultural life.  Check the NJ Historical Commission’s website regularly for updates and information and sign up for their electronic mailing list at

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO JOIN THE FUN!  For the past five years visitors at the Belmar Seafood Festival and Fall Festival  have been delighted with the opportunity to take their photo at the BHS’s  Olde Time photo booth.  New members are always welcome at the BHS.