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 What do you get when you volunteer for the BHS?  It is something as fragile as it is powerful, much  like a postcard from the turn of the century filled with forgotten information.  It is  the opportunity to learn the history of your community, to find ways to preserve it, and then share that knowledge with others. Those are very important goals.  We all need to give back, to be of value, to find a purpose for ourselves and a way to belong to our community.

Membership in the BHS is not what you get, but what you can give.

Dive in!

Attend a BHS Meeting!

Bathing Beauties

Bathing Beauties

You are invited to attend BHS meetings on the second Tuesday of every month, usually beginning at 7 p.m.   Although most meetings are held at the Community Room of Belmar Boro Hall, 6th Avenue entrance, special events are held off-site.  To be certain of the location,call the Belmar History Museum at 908 309 3380 or send an email to

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Join or renew your membership today!

Support the BHS by joining or making a donation.  Every contribution of time or money is valued. We need your help to maintain the new Museum at 900 E Street, Union Firehouse Annex and continue to preserve precious documents and memorabilia .

  • Individual Membership $20
  • Family Membership $35
  • Corporate Membership $250
  • Business/Commercial $100

Make checks payable to:  Belmar Historical Society and mail  to BHS, P.O. Box A, Belmar, NJ 07719. Include your name as you want it to appear on your membership card, as well as House Number and Street Address, Zip Code, Phone Number, and Email address.

Your contribution will go a long way to preserve the precious memories of Belmar!

The BHS volunteers are doing great work as a constant reminder to the community that we are moving forward despite the loss of our museum during the storm. We have kept the historical documents safe and ready for display.  Our message is of endurance, much as Belmar has endured, and the need to learn from the past to prepare for the future.  That is what we offer members:  a future that is built on a strong foundation. Our volunteers believe that is what is truly in the hearts of many.  Come join us today. For further information  send an email to