Maps and Aerial Photos

The BHS is fortunate to have obtained some of the original maps of Belmar, initially called Ocean Beach, and is devoted to preserve these wonderful records of our town’s birth.   The map below can be purchased through the BHS Museum Memorabilia,



In about 1920, the United States Army Corps of Engineers commissioned a series of aerial photographs of the New Jersey Coastline. These are the three photographs from that series that captured Belmar. They provide a fascinating view how undeveloped many parts of Belmar were at the time.

The Southernmost Section of Belmar

This 1920-era photo of the area around Como Lake shows how undeveloped this area of Belmar was at that time.

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This photo depicts the middle of Belmar including the areas around Silver Lake, all the way west to the Shark River.

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This picture shows the area of Belmar just south of the Shark River inlet.

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