Post Office

The following sections are reproduced from Grace Trott Roper‘s historical retrospective on how the Borough of Belmar came to be. The original booklet is © Copyright 1978 by Grace Trott Roper, Belmar, NJ and was printed by Hoffman Press, Belmar, NJ.

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Belmar‘s first Post Office known as the Ocean Beach Post Office was established in 1875. Before this, the area had been serviced by three different post offices during the time mail was sent by stagecoach. Mail was not sent by railaoad until 1861.

Abraham Bitner was appointed the First Postmaster by President U.S Grant. Mr. Bitner was then superintendent of the Ocean Beach Association and President of New Egypt and Farmingdale Railroad.

The Post Office was located at Sixth Avenue and “F” Street This is now the location of the “A” & “B” Cleaner. Mr. H. H. Yard became postmaster in 1877, appointed by Pres. Hayes and reappointed by Pres. Garfield.

In 1893 with Charles Clayton as the postmaster the office was moved to 8th Avenue at “F” Street Mr. Clayton was the first government paid Postmaster. He was appointed by Pres. Cleveland.

Wm. S. Jackson, Postmaster from 1897-1903, moved the post office from 8th and “F‘ to 9th and “F‘‘, then moved it again in 1897 to 10th and “F”. The first lock mail boxes were used at this time. Rural Delivery was inaugurated in 1902. Mr. Jackson appointed by Pres. McKinley and reappointed by Pres. Theo. Roosevelt was followed in 1905 by Samuel Gillian. Mr. Gillian was also appointed by Pres. Roosevelt. He served one year and then resigned.

W. M. Bergen took over in 1906 and in 1907 moved the Post Office to what became the American Store later on “F‘‘ near 10th Avenue. He was appointed by Theo. Roosevelt and reappointed by Pres. Taft.

Appointed by Pres. Wilson, Cyrus Honce was postmaster from 1914 to 1922. Free delivery to homes in Belmar was started in 1915. Mr. Edward Conover was the first letter carrier as Parcel Post was established in 1916.

Geo. C. Titus, appointed in 1922 moved the post office in 1924 between the railroad station and “F” Street on 10th Avenue. Appointed by Pres. Harding he was reappointed by Pres. Coolidge.

In 1930, Pres. Hoover appointed Charles Keiderling with Joseph Capibianco as his assistant.

Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Everett Antonides in 1934.

The New Post Office located at 13th and “F‘ opened on July 29th, 1936 was the First Government owned Post Office in Belmar. The others had been rented by local real estate owners.

Mr. George Ross became acting Postmaster in 1965 and was appointed Postmaster by Pres. Lyndon Johnson in 1967.