Police Force

The following sections are reproduced from Grace Trott Roper‘s historical retrospective on how the Borough of Belmar came to be. The original booklet is © Copyright 1978 by Grace Trott Roper, Belmar, NJ and was printed by Hoffman Press, Belmar, NJ.

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In August 1896 Officers and Directors of the Ocean Beach Association appointed most of their own number and a few friends, eighteen in all, as Special Beach Officers. In June 1883 a regular-irregular policeman or as Boro law called him a marshal, was appointed. This was Win. H. Cooper, who fired himself in 1887.

The current form of Police Department was established by the Commissioners in 1934. At present (1978) there are Twenty-one Regular Policemen and approximately 20 Summer Specials in the town of Belmar. There is a Chief, three Captains, three Sergeants, two Detectives and twelve Patrolmen. The department has two marked cars and two unmarked cars. It also has one motorcycle and two scooters.

During the summer months the bars in Belmar receive extra protection from Special Officers. These men are not on the city payroll but are paid by the establishment in which they work. They are, however, sworn police officers and have the power of law enforcement.

Police headquarters is located in the Municipal Building, 601 Main Street.