The following sections are reproduced from Grace Trott Roper‘s historical retrospective on how the Borough of Belmar came to be. The original booklet is © Copyright 1978 by Grace Trott Roper, Belmar, NJ and was printed by Hoffman Press, Belmar, NJ.

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In 1893 James R. Warren opened a Ladies & Gents Ice Cream Parlor. By 1900 the place was run by eight local men who formed the Shark River Amusement Co. A Chute-the-Chutes was erected, Shooting Gallaries were opened and a large fleet of boats were rented by the hour. Bait and fishermen‘s supplies were for sale and crabbing was the most popular sport.

The Fifth Avenue Pavilion on the ocean front leased by James Gordon in 1881 was reopened in 1894 in the name of Wm. F. Gordon. By 1905 there were 305 Bath Houses and many stores included a Souvenir Shop, a Barber Shop and Photography Gallery.

The 10th Avenue Bath Houses built in 1879 were rented to Wm. H. Sanborn in 1903. He rebuilt the whole pavilion to include 198 Bath Houses and the same variety shops offered by Gordon ten years later.

Joseph Mower followed Sanborn as Mower pavilion, a second story dance hall was opened with three piece orchestra. In 1939 entirely new baths were built in this spot.

In 1902 T. J. Murphy bought the pavilion and built The Belmar Casino. Warrens place was moved around facing 5th avenue and it became a Bowling Alley.

On “F” street was the Famous Captain Kidd‘s Pavilion and Boathouse. John W. Kidd developed what was known as Fort Conduct Park and Pavilion. There were Refreshments, Row Boats, American Box Ball Alleys, a Carousal Shooting Galleries and other attractions. At an unknown date this amusement spot burned down and was replaced by the Haven‘s Fishery.

Buhlers Pavilion at the spot of 10th avenue and Shark River was a large pavilion with a grove for Picnickers, Boats for hire and a full line of fisherman‘s supplies. This later became Carpenter‘s Casino. It burned down and the borough took over the site. This is now the marina site.

The New 13th Ave. Pavilion opened on August 20th, 1929. Camp Kelty, a fine shore dinner place was at Rhode Island Point. This is where the Belmar Yacht Club is now. This Club formally opened in May 1929.