Coat of Arms

 The following sections are reproduced from Grace Trott Roper‘s historical retrospective on how the Borough of Belmar came to be. The original booklet is © Copyright 1978 by Grace Trott Roper, Belmar, NJ and was printed by Hoffman Press, Belmar, NJ.

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The Belmar Coat of Arms was adopted by the Borough Council on the second of April, 1918. The design originated with Major William B. Bamford who submitted preliminary sketches to the Borough Council. These sketches were worked up for reproduction by Mr. Raymond Everett, an artist who also worked out the design of the Book Plate formerly used at the Belmar Free Public Library.

The shield has a brig in full sail to represent the maritime location of the municipal and bow on to typify that a course set for this haven of refuge will assure equal opportunity and justice.

The Dolphins are symbolic of Love, Diligence and Swiftness. Three attributes striven for by all conscientious municipal officials.

The shield is supported by a Pine and Cedar Branch to denote that Belmar relies on its Natural Beauties for Strength and Vigor.

The motto “Duty and Service” indicates the test for all municipal actions.

The Crest, a Swan, has long been recognized as a Royal Bird noted for its Grace and Beauty of figure.