History Display at Boro Hall

Artifacts from the ‘Grand Daddy of First Aid”–  America’s  first  FIRST AID SQUAD– established in Belmar in 1927 — are featured in the History Display at Belmar Boro hall by the Belmar Historical Society (BHS).BFAS_Logo_1s
Honoring the Belmar First Aid and Safety Squad visitors will view the original book of minutes and the certificate of incorporation from this important founding organization.  A squad jacket on display tells the history right on the arm patch:  Grand Daddy of First Aid”.
One of the original founders and benefactor was Frank L. Mihlon. His family summer home once stood at 203 Ocean Avenue. Mr. Mihlon was a prime organizer of the first Belmar First Aid and Safety Squad.  He contributed the land where the squad building now stands at Ninth Avenue and D Street. He also contributed the first ambulance.

Photographs of the original first aid building and later changes are interesting to see. The plaque honoring Dr. Daniel Traverso, one of the original founders, still remains on the building.

the 40th Anniversary of the Belmar First Aid Squad is documented in the United States Congressional Record in 1967.  The commemorative mug also celebrates the event.

Fran Hines is the current director of Belmar EMS, and is also the director of the Belmar Water Rescue Team.  Mr. Hines and his brothels were awarded the prestigious “Citizen of the Year’ awarded in 2005 for their volunteer efforts for the people of Belmar.

 For additional information about the BHS please contact us at the Museum,  908-309-3380  or send an email to info@belmarhistoricalsociety.org  for information on our Bi-monthly open meetings.