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…for the weary citizen to recuperate his flagging energies, and thereby add years of usefulness and enjoyment to life. - 1877 Poster

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Early Settlers in Belmar: The Lenni Lenape Nation were the first known settlers, followed by pioneer farmers.  In 1872 a group of businessmen purchased the land we now call Belmar and organized the Ocean Beach Association.  Building lots, streets and bridges were laid out in a grid pattern that remains today.  The name “Belmar” was finally adopted by the town on May 14, 1889.



The Belmar Historical Society is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and acquisition of Belmar sites and materials.  The BHS seeks to inform the public about Belmar’s history through its programs and displays.

The Belmar Historical Society’s museum/history room was to be opened in the annex to the historic 100-year old Union Fire House at  900 E Street, Belmar,NJ October, 2012.  Five days before the grand opening the annex was flooded, destroying catalogs and files during Super Storm Sandy.  The bulk of memorabilia and historical treasures were saved and are being stored in several secure locations until we have the funds to restore and display these fascinating records of Belmar’s history.


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Membership in the BHS, is not what you get, but what you can give.

What do you get when you volunteer for the BHS?  It is something as fragile as it is powerful, much  like a postcard from the turn of the century filled with forgotten information.  It is  the opportunity to learn the history of your community, to find ways to preserve it, and then share that knowledge with others. Those are very important goals.  We all need to give back, to be of value, to find a purpose for ourselves and a way to belong to our community.

The BHS volunteers are doing great work as a constant reminder to the community that we are holding fast despite the loss of our museum during the storm. We are waiting and maintaining, keeping the historical documents safe and ready for display when the time is right.  Our message is of endurance, much as Belmar has endured, and the need to learn from the past to prepare for the future.  That is what we offer members:  a future that is built on a strong foundation. Our volunteers believe that is what is truly in the hearts of many.  Come join us today. For further information, click here or  send an email


Historical Display at Boro Hall

St. Rose Celebrates 125 Years

St. Rose Celebrates 125 Years

Visit the BHS display at Boro Hall in honor of  the Church of St. Rose to celebrates its 125th anniversary.

In 1888, a Catholic mission was established in Ocean Beach (now Belmar). The first chapel was a mission church of Holy Spirit Parish in Asbury Park, a small wooden chapel located on Second Avenue. This chapel was only open in the summer. During the rest of the year, full-time residents of Ocean Beach had to attend Mass in Asbury Park.

As the community was rapidly growing, the cornerstone of a larger, wooden building was laid in 1890 on the corner of Seventh Avenue and E Street.


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