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…for the weary citizen to recuperate his flagging energies, and thereby add years of usefulness and enjoyment to life. - 1877 Poster

Everyone enjoyed the BOOTLEGGERS BALL!

Hope you were one of the over 100 people to attend the BHS’s first ever Bootleggers  Ball on November 7, 2015 at the Waterview Pavilion.1920's couple  The event was held  to support the preservation of Belmar’s history by enjoying a fun evening in beautiful Belmar! Proceeds from the event will go toward digitization of the remaining 26 years  of historical archives of the Coast Advertiser and the Coast Echo newspapers.

The Bootleggers Masquerade Ball  is themed in the 1920’s style as an ode to the Roaring Twenties.  Historically Belmar’s marina was a bootlegging port during prohibition and rum-runners would utilize the Shark River Inlet’s many covers and access points to serve Jersey Shore residents and summer tourists,  Ball guests were encouraged to dress for the part in 1920’s attire —  and arrived in outrageous attire from flappers to newsboys, gentlemen in tails, to scoundrels.

For more information about event and the many thank you’s our members would like to extend, read on….

Newspaper Research 1893-1973

Now you can read historical Belmar newspapers from the turn of the century on your home computer! The BHS is proud to offer digital access to a wealth of history contained in the pages of the Coast Advertiser newspaper from 1893 to 1973.

Read original editions from 1893-1973 to learn more about Belmar's proud history!

Read original editions from 1893-1973 to learn more about Belmar’s proud history!

Take a moment to browse the history of Belmar by linking to our extensive file of Coast Advertiser from 1893 to 1973.  Click this link COAST ADVERTISER RESEARCH  to explore the fascinating history of Belmar, research your family tree, read about the life and times that are the foundation for our wonderful town from the original articles in the Coast Echo/Coach Advertiser newspaper.  For example, you may be surprised to know how ‘F’ Street (now Main Street) was such a thriving business community in the early 1900’s.

Join us at BHS!

 What do you get when you volunteer for the BHS?  It is something as fragile as it is powerful, much  like a postcard from the turn of the century filled with forgotten information.  It is  the opportunity to learn the history of your community, to find ways to preserve it, and then share that knowledge with others. Those are very important goals.  We all need to give back, to be of value, to find a purpose for ourselves and a way to belong to our community.

Membership in the BHS is not what you get, but what you can give.

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Bathing Beauties

Bathing Beauties

You are invited to attend BHS open meetings on the second Tuesday of even-numbered months, usually beginning at 7 p.m.   Although most meetings are held at the Community Room of Belmar Boro Hall, 6th Avenue entrance, special events are held off-site.  To be certain of the location,call the Belmar History Museum at 908 309 3380 or send an email to

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