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…for the weary citizen to recuperate his flagging energies, and thereby add years of usefulness and enjoyment to life. - 1877 Poster


Save the date of November 7, 2015 to attend the BHS’s first ever Masquerade Ball.1920's couple

The event, nicknamed  the “Bootleggers Ball” will be themed in the 1920’s style as an ode to the Roaring Twenties.  Guests are encouraged to dress for the part. To be held at the Waterview Pavillion, there will be prizes for best costume and the BHS plans to hire a jazz band to perform throughout the night. Those in town with vintage cars can use the event an as opportunity to arrive in style as well.

“Dressing in costume transports you to that ear which makes it fun”, event organizer and BHS member Christine Rad said. “When I look at the Waterview Pavilion at night I can see men in their fedora hats and their suits and women in their gowns and flapper dresses walking down the stairs under the canopy and climbing inside their Model T’s. That’s the magic of history”.  Historically, Ms. Read said, Belmar’s marina was a bootlegging port during prohibition and rumrunners would utilize the Shark River Inlet’s many covers and access points to serve Jersey Shore residents and summer tourists.

History Display at Boro Hall

Artifacts from the ‘Grand Daddy of First Aid”–  America’s  first  FIRST AID SQUAD– established in Belmar in 1927 — are featured in the History Display at Belmar Boro hall by the Belmar Historical Society (BHS).BFAS_Logo_1s
Honoring the Belmar First Aid and Safety Squad visitors will view the original book of minutes and the certificate of incorporation from this important founding organization.  A squad jacket on display tells the history right on the arm patch:  Grand Daddy of First Aid”.
One of the original founders and benefactor was Frank L. Mihlon. His family summer home once stood at 203 Ocean Avenue. Mr. Mihlon was a prime organizer of the first Belmar First Aid and Safety Squad.  He contributed the land where the squad building now stands at Ninth Avenue and D Street. He also contributed the first ambulance.

BHS Museum at Union Firehouse

Belmar Historical Society Museum – Now Open!
900 E Street, Belmar, NJ
In the Annex of the UNION FIRE HOUSE – c. 1911

The BHS held its Grand Opening on April 11, 2015 on a beautiful Spring day in Belmar. Visitors are now welcome to tour the exhibits and research facilities at the Belmar Historical Society Museum in the Annex of the Union Fire House at 9th and E Street.

Library hours:

Mayor Doherty with Trustees and Volunteers at Museum Grand Opening

Mayor Doherty with Trustees and Volunteers at Museum Grand Opening

Monday 2-4 p.m.,

Thursday 10 a.m. – noon,

The second Saturday each month 1-3 p.m.

Hours of opening are subject to change: please call the Belmar Historical Society Museum, 908 309 3380

The Belmar Museum offers residents and visitors displays and photos of the development of Belmar from its inception, when it was first called Ocean Beach.  The well organized and beautifully displayed items allow visitors to visit the past, to see the first schools, churches, and ocean-side pavilions that no longer exist. There is much to see at Belmar’s first Museum and History Room– be certain to plan your visit!

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