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Museum Grand Opening April 11

The big day has arrived:  Belmar has its first History Museum and History Room!
Belmar Museum Grand Opening

Belmar Museum Grand Opening

The BHS invites you to join us for the Grand Opening of the Belmar Museum and History Room on Saturday, April 11th from 1-4 p.m. at 900 E Street located in the annex to the Union Firehouse. Ribbon cutting will be at 1:30 p.m.,  followed by a tour of the museum and archives along with a display of the digitized newspaper collection.

Museum neighbors, the members of the Union Firehouse, will also open their historic working fire house to the public where hot dogs, popcorn, ice cream and soft drinks will be served.
The Belmar Museum offers residents and visitors displays and photos of the development of Belmar from its inception, when it was first called Ocean Beach.  The well organized and beautifully displayed items allow visitors to visit the past, to see the first schools, churches, and ocean-side pavilions that no longer exist.

History Display at Boro Hall

he Belmar Historical Society (BHS) is featuring a new historical exhibit in their display case in Belmar Borough Hall ariel display jan 2015lobby.  The display is called “A Bird’s Eye View of Belmar”.  It contains historical aerial views of the town.  Viewers can take a look at how things have changed in photos dating from 1925 to the 1960’s.
There are fewer homes and buildings in the older photos and more empty spaces and trees.  The old oceanfront and bay side pavilions pictured are now gone.  The display contains aerial views of the first marina development.  The original layout of the town, in the grid pattern, remains the same with few exceptions.  Some buildings that served one purpose originally, now have a completely different use. It is interesting to try and pick out houses and shops in the photographs and compare them to the present.
The display also contains a opening day envelope from Belmar’s short lived air mail service.  It commemorates the maiden special flight that took place on May 19, 1938 and may be viewed during business hours.

Join us at BHS!

 What do you get when you volunteer for the BHS?  It is something as fragile as it is powerful, much  like a postcard from the turn of the century filled with forgotten information.  It is  the opportunity to learn the history of your community, to find ways to preserve it, and then share that knowledge with others. Those are very important goals.  We all need to give back, to be of value, to find a purpose for ourselves and a way to belong to our community.

Membership in the BHS is not what you get, but what you can give.

Dive in!

Attend a BHS Meeting!

Bathing Beauties

Bathing Beauties

You are invited to attend BHS open meetings on the second Tuesday of even-numbered months, usually beginning at 7 p.m.   Although most meetings are held at the Community Room of Belmar Boro Hall, 6th Avenue entrance, special events are held off-site.  To be certain of the location,call the Belmar History Museum at 908 309 3380 or send an email to

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