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…for the weary citizen to recuperate his flagging energies, and thereby add years of usefulness and enjoyment to life. - 1877 Poster

About Us

Early Settlers in Belmar: The Lenni Lenape Nation were the first known settlers, followed by pioneer farmers.  In 1872 a group of businessmen purchased the land we now call Belmar and organized the Ocean Beach Association.  Building lots, streets and bridges were laid out in a grid pattern that remains today.  The name “Belmar” was finally adopted by the town on May 14, 1889.


  • To welcome visitors to Belmar’s first history museum to view the memorabilia and learn the proud history of Belmar located in the Union Fire House annex, 900E Street, Belmar.
  • To bring the history of Belmar to visitors of all ages, including school children, through historical exhibits, changing displays, and educational programs.
  • To be the official repository of Belmar memorabilia and encourage year-round and long-time summer residents to share and/or donate their memories and keepsakes with the BHS.


BHS Celebrates the Holidays

Members of the Belmar Historical Society gathered for a Christmas Party to celebrate the holidays a2014 christmas photond discuss plans for an exciting 2015.  The event was hosted by BHS members Tom and Rosemary Volker at the INN AT THE SHORE.

The Officers of the BHS Board of Trustees for 2015 were confirmed:

President, Naomi Reissner; Vice-President, Spencer Heulitt; Treasurer, Jim Hohn; Secretary, Pat O’Keefe, members Lucille Maddalena, Pat Melango, Irene McCann, and Karen Heulitt.

New members are always welcome! There is a lot to do. We need your help managing the wealth of historical documents, preserving historical items, creating rotating displays for the Borough Hall lobby, and attending fun events with other local museums.

Invest in Belmar to preserve its history and inspire public support by sharing Belmar’s past. Join today or give the gift of membership to someone you care about! For more information on how to join the BHS, click here.


Join us at BHS!

 What do you get when you volunteer for the BHS?  It is something as fragile as it is powerful, much  like a postcard from the turn of the century filled with forgotten information.  It is  the opportunity to learn the history of your community, to find ways to preserve it, and then share that knowledge with others. Those are very important goals.  We all need to give back, to be of value, to find a purpose for ourselves and a way to belong to our community.

Membership in the BHS is not what you get, but what you can give.

Dive in!

Attend a BHS Meeting!

Bathing Beauties

Bathing Beauties

You are invited to attend BHS open meetings on the second Tuesday of even-numbered months, usually beginning at 7 p.m.   Although most meetings are held at the Community Room of Belmar Boro Hall, 6th Avenue entrance, special events are held off-site.  To be certain of the location,call the Belmar Historical Museum at 908 309 3380 or send an email to



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